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Times of Refreshing

“…times of refreshment will come from the presence of the Lord…” Acts 3:20

Reading God’s Word, repenting of our sinful ways — these lead to times of refreshing before God. Listening to worship music also helps in ushering us into God’s presence where there is peace and fullness of joy. Below is this music video from YouTube which has been helpful indeed in bringing me back to where I need to be so that life will continue to make sense and have meaning.

Be refreshed as you listen 🙂

The Need for a Preamp

I am quite picky of the sound quality of a music being played or when someone speaks up with a microphone. I may not be aware of the technical details or the specifics needed behind sound quality but I do know that it can affect not just me but others who are listening to the same music being played or to the same person speaking. Quality does matter.

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I have just recently learned of one thing that’s also needed to ensure sound quality. It;s called a preamp, short for preamplifier. If you ask me what is a preamp, my short reply would be it is something needed to have the sound quality we want to have. To go a bit deeper, the preamp is what gives the audio signal whether from a microphone or musical instrument its “sonic shape and definition” before it is processed by our audio gear (speakers, headphones). Thankfully, there are plenty of preamps now available in the market. They can even be bought online.

Next time you and I think about good sound quality, let’s remember the preamp 🙂

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