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Latest Reading: Momma Don’t You Worry by Louie Lawent

Kids are naturally curious and would often love to explore and step beyond boundaries that their parents or caretakers set. And it can be quite difficult to explain to them why such boundaries are needed.



Momma Don’t You Worry would then make a very good reading material for kids. It can help them understand what could happen if and when they choose to close their ears from their parents or caretaker’s instructions.

It is also good for us adults to read Momma Don’t You Worry to help us understand better what and how our kids think. The author did very well in writing the story from a child’s point of view.

Momma Don’t You Worry¬†is available at Amazon and also at¬†Barnes and Noble.

For Devotional Times

I have developed the habit through the years of seeking God during a specific time of the day. I spend time praying and meditating on the Bible but at other times, I also use a book or a devotional like Experiencing God.

Experiencing God was penned by Henry T. Blackaby and Richard T. Blackaby. And from it you will read verses for the day along with reflections or meditations based on the verse or verses. The writings on this book has stirred me many times; blessed me as well as checked my walk with God.

This is one devotional that I can recommend to others. Although I must add here that the book of the same title was also a powerful reading for me. I would suggest for one to read the book and then try out this devotional as well.

There is no substitute for reading the Bible during one’s devotional times with the Lord but you can use this devotional as a companion reading during such times.