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Who Needs Customized Zippers And Zipper Pulls From Zipper Shipper?

There are many people and companies that require customized merchandise for their branding and style and fashion needs.  Our company, Zipper Shipper has been manufacturing blazer buttons, zippers, zipper pulls and other accessories for the people and companies that require these items to be customized. Now, for you to have your blazer buttons customized, all you have to do is visit our website and fill a request form so that we can send you a quotation.

Now, one of the reasons a company would wish to have their zippers and zipper pulls customized is that they would want to have brand identity. As such, the company will need to have their customized zippers made in their own liking. Zipper Shipper can have your company products customized through zippers, hooks, buckles and badges. You can also have the zippers custom made in your colors and company logos so that when the company gives these items to their clients, then these items will serve as a way of marketing.

You can also request for custom zippers if you need them in lengths that are not provided through the in stock zippers. For instance, there are people who want to buy zippers in lengths up to 100 yards. These kinds of zippers will definitely be supplied through a custom request.

How about Trying a Self-driving Flying Taxi?

Perhaps it’s the stuff we only think about as true in movies. But today, this is now a reality.

China has once again asserted how forward-moving it now is in terms not only of wealth but of technology.

The Chinese company EHang has unveiled just recently the new personal AAV (autonomous aerial vehicle) at CES 2016 in Las Vegas. This aerial vehicle can transport one person around with a simple push of a button.

Now the question is: do you think you are ready to ride one? 🙂