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Waiting for Wonder Woman

I grew up watching the Wonder Woman TV series in the ’70s (which gives you an idea of how old I am 🙂 ).

I have often wondered as a kid and then a teenager why a movie (as far as I know) had not been made about this powerful woman out to save the world. All we have had were movie after movie of male comic super heroes (Superman, Batman, Spiderman) through the years. But as Wonder Woman does not rule my own real universe, I have forgotten about my interest in seeing her in a full-blown movie on the wide cinema screen. Then Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice happened and I got a glimpse again of Wonder Woman. I wondered: could it be that she will finally have a movie of her own soon?

Indeed 2017 will mean seeing Wonder Woman in her own movie at last. And judging by the trailer, it seems like a good one 🙂  I look forward to seeing it. Hopefully, it will indeed be worth the wait 🙂

Watch the trailer below of the movie, with no less than the beautiful Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman.

Comic Collecting – What To Go After

We have all heard about comics being sold for staggeringly high amounts of money, with fascinating tales of books being found in walls and attics and changing people’s lives forever and it is incredible sales like these that make comics such an exciting investment opportunity for those who love antiques and vintage items.

So what makes some comics so valuable and which ones should you go after?

Well, the following tips will guide you in the right direction if your primary focus is to collect comics for profit. But if you simply love comics why not just buy the ones you enjoy the most, read them and if they turn out to be worth something later on, you can consider it a bonus!


Comic books that were printed from the 1980’s onwards were generally printed and sold in high volumes and looked after carefully by collectors so comic books of this age are generally in excellent condition and fairly easy to get hold of.

With the odd exception, comics from this era are not worth a great deal in terms of their monetary value at the moment. There is nothing to say they will not be worth something in a few decades mind you, but you may need to sit on them for quite some time to see how much their value will increase!

As a serious collector you need to be looking for the older comic books that were printed before 1970 that are harder to find and worth a lot more. These comics are the sorts of investment that can significantly increase in value.


Comic books from the Golden Age (1933 to 1955) were printed in far smaller quantities and because some of those books are over 80 years old now they are few and far between.

Comics that were printed in the Platinum Age (between 1897 and 1933) are even older and more difficult to come by.  Back then, comics were inexpensive and often thrown away after being read!

Books from both the Platinum and Golden Ages are rare and therefore they are generally the most valuable, especially when their condition is good.


The condition of a comic book will depend on the way it has been read and the conditions it has been stored in. The better the condition of a comic, the more it will be worth. Keep your eye out for the older comics that have survived in good condition.

Image source: Idea go/FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image source: Idea go/FreeDigitalPhotos.net


An up to date price guide for comics will give you an excellent idea of the types of comics to go for and a realistic indication of the value you could expect to achieve. The most valuable comics to have sold over the years are comics in which influential characters who have remained popular over the years have made their very first appearances. Old favourites like Batman, Superman and the X Men are the type of characters to stick with as they are always going to resell easily.

To give you an idea, the highest sale on record for Detective Comics #27 featuring Batman’s first appearance is 1.7 million dollars and Superman tipped the scale in 2010 with a copy of Action Comics # 1 selling for a whopping 2.16 million dollars!

Think Ahead

The market for comics can fluctuate a great deal and instinctively choosing the right time to sell, for example  to coincide with a new film release can have a significant impact on the profit you can achieve from your collection. Comic collecting is a fascinating world to get involved in and no more so than if you love comics.

Collecting Ideas

Growing up as a kid I always looked for something I could start to collect but I could never seem to get it to stick. I remember my first attempt was rocks; that got boring for me really fast. Next it was Pokémon cards and then yu-gi-oh. After that I got into Magic the Gathering. After that I got into comics and then I got into airsoft. So far the only thing I have ever really stuck to has been an assortment of things. Maybe you are like me and you are looking for something that you can start collecting without breaking the bank. Just do not try and collect things that you will get tired of a week from today.

Comic Books
If you are into the story format of comic books why not collect them? I never knew how easy it was to start collecting these until I found out about subscriptions at comic book stores. If you wanted to keep up with a certain comic book you can have the store hold these comics for you when they release and then once a month you can pick them up! Something like this is just easy for me to keep up with instead of having to go to the store often.

Maybe you are not the nerdy type that likes to read comic books. Maybe you are the guns and ammo type of guy. If you are then you probably know about airsoft. Why not collect real guns you ask? Well the reason why is because real guns are more expensive and I am talking about collecting things without breaking the bank. Airsoft guns can get pretty pricy but you can still take your collection out and go shoot your friends without their blood on your hands. I think that’s reason enough to collect airsoft instead of real guns.

If you are the artistic type collect guitars or any other musical instruments. How cool would it be if you collected just about any instrument that you came across? There is a lot of cool stuff out there to check out.

Sport Stuff
If none of the above are exactly your idea of a cool collection you might be the sport guy who knows all the stats. If that is you why not start collecting autographs from your favorite players. Collect pictures, footballs with autographs, and bobble heads?

Those are the few things that may appeal to a variety of men out there. Keep in mind that whatever it is that you do collect it would be a good idea to have a home security system. Smith security provides excellent services! Check them out. You will not regret getting set up with them! It would be foolish to get all these cool things to nerd out on, and then loose them all to a break in. Protect your investments! Its something that i learned the hard way. So make sure you are staying safe rather than becoming sorry.

About the Author: Jose Rodriguez is a writer, gamer, and comic book fan. You can follow him on Twitter!