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When Christmas Begins in September

The month of September is here!

As soon as the “ber” months come in, ushered by the month of September, we in the Philippines begin to celebrate Christmas 🙂  So as early as now, Christmas music is now being played on the radio and also sang or performed in TV shows. Some families have even gone ahead and decorated their homes with Christmas decorations.

Christmas is somehow incomplete without the music 🙂 So to help all of us to prepare and celebrate the season, I’m sharing here a wonderful Christmas instrumental playlist from YouTube as performed and shared by DappyTKeys.

Enjoy and don’t forget “the Reason” for the season!

By the way, Filipinos also love the Christmas music of Jose Mari Chan. Check out a playlist of his songs here.

Working and Learning

About 10 years ago, I started working with a non-profit organization.

I did no really know what to expect as I took the job.  I only know that everything seemed to fall into place and I was meant to accept this job offer, along with a Divine nod from above. Anyways, this job taught me so much.


I did things that I have not tried doing before: like speaking before more people than I was used to, consisting of different nationalities. I also traveled to places I have not gone to before, including parts of my country which were not always deemed safe for travel. I also learned more about using the computer and even technical stuff. I understood for instance, that at times when we have conferences which would also involved regular times of singing (worship) and playing musical instruments, it does matter what kind of digital mixer was being used.

I look back now to this job as well as other past jobs I have had and begin to appreciate again how these jobs have helped me learn more about working, about others and about myself. Our jobs form the steps for us to becoming better versions of ourselves, enabling us to better serve others.