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Dream Purchases for the Year

Some things we buy because they are essential in our daily work, our daily life. There are also things we already have but we want to “upgrade” it or buy a newer version as it is no longer as functional as a new one.

Here are some of my own dream purchases for the year:

Laptop. The laptop I am using now seems to be begging for replacement — for some days that is. Some days, it seems to be just fine. Just the same, I need to keep in mind that in a year or two, I would need to get a new one.

 photo online-shopping-2300665_640_zpshoiusekj.jpg

Guitar.  Several years back, I decided to donate my acoustic guitar to a church outreach. I have not been using it anyway for a time and I have not thought of playing it, using it again. But beginning last year, this feeling seems to be creeping on me — I miss playing the guitar. And so I guess it means, I might have to eventually get one. There are some cool guitars available online, including this one at http://www.musiciansfriend.com/guitars/epiphone-limited-edition-es-335-pro-electric-guitar. It’s great to see guitars available for purchase online.

Fully Automatic Washing Machine. This one, my hubby and I are trying to save for as we want to pay in cash in purchasing it. This has been on our list of things to purchase at home but it hasn’t really been a priority so it stays comfortably settled on the list 🙂

What about you? What are your dream purchases of the year? What’s the most immediate one on your list?

Simone Biles Dances to Chris Tomlin Song in Dancing with the Stars

There are songs that we love and there are dances that tell a story and inspire us.

I see all these come together as I watched USA Gymnast Simone Biles and her professional dance partner, Sasha Farber danced to Simone’s chosen song in Dancing with the Stars. Biles, who was adopted as a kid, chose a Chris Tomlin* song: Good Good Father. Biles runs to her adoptive father at the end of the dance.

Watch and be inspired 🙂

*Chris Tomlin is a known contemporary Christian songwriter and worship leader from the US. 

Play Better, Sound Better with Your Guitar

Do you want to play and sound better with your guitar? Well, here are four things you can do:

  1. Practise more. As they say practise makes perfect. Spend time honing your guitar playing skills. Spend hours if you have to. There is no short cut in playing and sounding better with your guitar than well, playing it over and over.
  2. Find a mentor or coach. Spend time learning, getting tips from a more seasoned player than you. Reach out and ask for help if you need it. Don’t journey alone.
  3. When you’re ready for it, buy a top notch guitar. Do your research and find what’s the best one you can get. And if price is an issue? Then save up for it or wait for good deals available at your favorite music store and yes, online.
  4. Invest on some cool gadgets, amplifiers and effects. Well, okay. Maybe just invest one at a time. They can make your guitar playing sound much better, you know. You don’t believe me? Well, check out this video below and see the power of an effects pedal:

Guitar playing shoots up to sounding awesome, right? 🙂  Now, getting a gadget, amplifier or specifically an effects pedal need not mean an empty pocket for you. Guitar Center has, mxr dyna comp at a great price! So think about it. Perhaps it’s time to invest in one or two.

Happy guitar playing to us all 🙂