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On Kublai’s Art

If you should ever go to Davao City, you should take time to drop by Ponce Suites. It’s a hotel/art gallery filled with the beautiful works of art in painting and sculpture by Filipino artist Kublai Ponce-Millan. Ponce’s works of art have also found their way in many parts of the Philippines  as well as abroad.

As to Kublai’s sculptures, what I appreciate most about them is they tell stories of the country. I would say that he gives birth not only to artistic works but cultural and nationalistic pieces as well 🙂


The Need for Rain

It’s a rainy afternoon in this part of the world today. Coincidentally, I also happened to see a photo of  the latest painting done by my friend, Ermela Deposa (also known as Giging). Her painting featured a tulip getting wet in the rain.

Giging’s artwork captured my imagination. Not only because it was raining outside my window but because such a painting to me has layers of meaning. For one, it reminded me of the reality, that rain or water for that matter is needed for living things to thrive, to grow. We need rain really as much as we need sunlight. Rain also refreshes dry land. And this rain can also represent what is essential in our life.

To my friend, Giging, this rain in her painting is God’s sustaining grace which sustains her until she blossoms into full beauty (glory).  And I agree with her that we do need God’s sustaining grace to also enable us to face each day. He satisfies our need for rain.

"Flower in the Rain" by Ermela Deposa

“Flower in the Rain” by Ermela Deposa