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Viewfinder: The Sky and the Cows in NZ

During our trip last year to New Zealand, my cousin and his family drove us to Hanmer Springs for our wedding anniversary 🙂 It was an unexpected surprise 🙂

On our way there we passed by the quiet and green countryside. Every now and then the green carpet of grass would be dotted with cows, sheep and even deer.

Seeing the cows grazing in the field reminded me of the quiet moments of my childhood in Bohol when I would walk into a clearing just behind thick bamboo grasses. These bamboo grasses were just across our house. From the outside, you would think there’s nothing behind them but just more bamboos. But there is actually a large clearing behind them. I would go there some afternoons and sit on the trunk of a gnarled coconut tree. Some of our tenant neighbors actually bring their cows there to munch and enjoy the grass. But each time I go there, I don’t see a soul around. It’s just quiet nature, the cows, the clouds and me. What refreshing times they were.

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Viewfinder: Bangkok’s Democracy Monument

Under the central Bangkok sky is the Democracy Monument which was actually erected during the military takeover of Thailand in 1932.

A Thai architect worked on its design while sculpting work was also provided by an Italian sculptor who embraced Thai citizenship.

The Democracy Monument occupies a traffic circle on the wide east-west Ratchadamnoen Klang Road, at the intersection of Dinso Road.

I took this photo during our one-day lay-over in Bangkok on our way to Auckland, New Zealand (from Manila). While this was not my first time to see the Democracy Monument, we made sure to drop by the area to let my husband see it and to just explore the surrounding area. On our last trip to Bangkok in 2011, we have not been able to go to this area as there was widespread flooding in Bangkok that time.

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