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4 Tips to Consider in Buying Your Dream Car

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So here you are, you feel that you are finally ready to make that car purchase.

You are finally able to say that this is it, this is the year to get a car. You need it for mobility. It simply is too tiresome now for you to take the public transport or the company car is no longer available for you to use. You now have to get one for yourself. Not to mention, that a car would also make you enjoy your weekends off more as you would be able to drive to places by yourself or with some friends or some family members. And yes, doing errands and shopping would be easier with your own car. But wait.

For the sake of your sanity, for the sake of saving yourself from buyer’s remorse, consider these 4 tips before you go ahead with your purchase.

Know what you need. What car do you have in mind of getting? What car features are important to you? Would you consider getting a used car instead of getting a new one? Think about these things, picture the car you think would be best for you.

Research. Research. Research. Make sure you do know what you need to know about the car you are getting. Does it have all the features you need, you prefer? Have you considered well it’s price? Have you done some comparison of prices and features of similar car models from different brands? You can do your own research by asking your friends who knows a lot about cars, you can visit the different car outlets and dealers and you can also do your research online. That’s right you can do a thorough research even at the comfort of your own home or office. You can check out Cars.com. You can find car information there including the cost as well as reviews and informative videos.

Having your own car also means conveniently going to places with friends and family during work-free weekends.

Consider your time of purchase. Car dealers and outlets have special discounts or promotional prices during certain times of the year. It will save you some money if you buy your car during these specific seasons or months of the year.

Tag along a friend or family member who knows a lot about cars. Having someone go with you as you check out car models and do your purchase can be helpful for you. While car salesmen would be helpful to you, in most (if not all) cases they are really after a sale so it’s understandable that they might just convince you to buy a particular car. You need an objective opinion of a family member or friend who knows about cars and who understands what you need.

Don’t rush with your car purchase. Take your time. And when you have made your purchase, enjoy and don’t forget to drive safely 🙂

Viewfinder: Bangkok’s Democracy Monument

Under the central Bangkok sky is the Democracy Monument which was actually erected during the military takeover of Thailand in 1932.

A Thai architect worked on its design while sculpting work was also provided by an Italian sculptor who embraced Thai citizenship.

The Democracy Monument occupies a traffic circle on the wide east-west Ratchadamnoen Klang Road, at the intersection of Dinso Road.

I took this photo during our one-day lay-over in Bangkok on our way to Auckland, New Zealand (from Manila). While this was not my first time to see the Democracy Monument, we made sure to drop by the area to let my husband see it and to just explore the surrounding area. On our last trip to Bangkok in 2011, we have not been able to go to this area as there was widespread flooding in Bangkok that time.

Note: This is my entry to Skywatch Friday where you can find cool sky photos. My last entry published on this blog is also here.